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So by now you may be wondering why we would give away so much valuable information for free?

It’s Simple!

Our philosophy in real estate, has always been, to provide clients with as much information as possible.  Give them the best advice, and back it up with the facts.

Finally, we encourage clients to make the decision, that they feel is best for them.

So with that,

Here's a copy of a $70
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 Why is it FREE, because the title says a Short Sale
  in "less than 60 days".  The shear volume of short sales
  happening today, has extended the processing time line
  out more commonly to 75-120 days for the pro's 
 who know what they are doing and 6-10 months
  for those who don't have a clue --- 

It's like having the teachers edition of your high school spanish book.


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In this one-of-a-kind solution guide, you'll learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions for how to short sale your home yourself without the help of an agent (if you'd rather go it alone)

  • A private VIP phone number you can call to get a FREE one-on-one consultation if you'd rather have someone else handle your short sale for you (one of my friends will personally listen to your story and help you take the right steps to get your situation handled).

  • The 9 crucial steps that MUST be taken in order to successfully short sale your home (most short sale failures happen because just one of these steps are skipped).

  • How a quick trip to Starbucks and a copier machine can make the bank more likely to accept your short sale proposal.

  • Why letting just anyone buy your house could ruin your efforts to do a short sale and how to find the RIGHT buyer.

  • What exactly is going through the bankers mind when they receive your short sale proposal and how to use that to your advantage

  • Easy ways to tell if a real estate agent is faking and doesn't actually have a clue how to do a short sale (and how to locate the real professionals who you can count on!)

  • Six different criteria that the bank will look at when they're deciding to whether to accept your short sale proposal or shoot it down

  • Why having a regular appraisal done on your home could cause the bank to take weeks or months longer to agree to a short sale�and the low-down on a better method you SHOULD be using.

  • A secret technique used to consistently sell homes for HIGHER than the asking price,  no matter how much the market is suffering (hint: you can do the same thing if you understand this technique)

  • A common phrase that rookie real estate agents use which tells you from the very beginning that they would probably screw up your short sale efforts if you hired them.

  • Why banks don't like to accept offers made by "I Buy Houses"  investors, and the kinds of buyers they DO like to accept offers from.

  • Tactics you can use, to make sure your that short sale proposal is being seriously considered, and not just cast to the side or lost in the shuffle and chaos at the bank.

  • What a successful short sale proposal should look like and an specific list of exactly what it should contain.

  • What to do AFTER your short sale proposal is accepted (most people don't realize that this is the most critical point in the process)

  • How to get a whole team of professionals helping you complete your short sale (they will literally take the WHOLE process off your plate)

  • And much more ....

This is just a tiny sample of the gold mine you'll find inside this informative eBook. And because it's an e-book, you don't even have to wait several days for the book to arrive in the mail or drive to a store to get it.

So you can either get it here for free by sending your email so we know where to send it or you can make us VERY happy and go buy a copy!

You can easily download all of the help and advice you'll ever need right now, right here, to your computer for about $67.

Seriously, you could buy it right now, and many folks have.

But DON'T buy the book.

Instead let us give you a FREE copy as a gift, and, we'll
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